Testimonials from clients

Attention to detail...

“Our last three volumes of the IELTS Research Reports have been edited and laid out by Petronella. Her editing skills and attention to detail have helped make the books quality publications. We're extremely pleased with her work.”

IELTS Australia 

Tight memorable copy…

“Petronella is a thoughtful writer and flexible editor with an attractive style suiting a wide range of corporate and marketing styles. Her eye for literals, sensitivity to nuance and ability to reshape woolly verbiage into tight, memorable copy was often required when working on a variety of corporate materials.”

IDP Education Australia


Interesting and informative annual report...

“Petronella's delivery—of both the content and layout—of two APCC Annual Reports was invaluable. The ability to quickly understand unfamiliar subject matter and sort and compile it into a logical format is one of Petronella’s major strengths.”

Australian Procurement and Construction Council

Flexible and responsive editor...

"Petronella Nicholson is seen as a key asset of the Education Resource Facility. She undertakes editing and formatting of complex reports for us and provides key inputs into our quality assurance processes.

"Petronella is flexible, responsive and often works to very tight timeframes."

Education Resource Facility